Arthur Chu, controversial 'Jeopardy!' champion, set to drive fans and competitors crazy again this month

By Daniel S Levine,

Arthur Chu, the Jeopardy! champion who has been driving fans and his competition crazy, is set to return to the game later this month. He’s earned plenty of attention for creating a perfectly legal strategy that has helped him win night after night after night.

Chu has been upsetting fans with his unique strategy to win. He always jumps around the board, searching for the “Daily Doubles” clues first and then only plays for small amounts. This guarantees that the other players can’t take the game-changing option to shift momentum in their favor. As Salon notes, he has even bid very specific amounts for Final Jeopardy! as he would play to even finish in a tie, doing whatever he can to stay on the next episode.

While Chu has been off of the show during Jeopardy!’s special “Battle of the Decades” tournament, he has been talking with the media, defending his strategy. He told Fox News that the moment he got the call to be on the show, he Googled Jeopardy! and saw the fan-dedicated sites that discuss game-winning strategies.

“What I would say is that what you can learn from my success on the show is that success is often not about being original or groundbreaking – it is about being willing to study from experts, learn from experience and commit to doing what evidence has proven works,” he told Fox.

He’s also an active Twitter user and has been tweeting with fans about the show. As for host Alex Trebek, Chu isn’t sure what he thinks about the strategy.

“I do know that he probably finds doing his job as host to be more difficult when someone ‘bounces around’ the categories rather than taking them in order,” Chu told Fox. “But I think he also understands that while he gets paid no matter what happens, we only get paid if we win the game.”

Chu will be back on Jeopardy! on Feb. 24 to drive fans and his competition crazy. However, since the strategy has been so publicized this week, he may want to be aware of copycats.

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