'Attack on Titan' creators team up with Subaru for earth shattering commercial (Video)

By Victoria Greene,

The creators of the popular Japanese cartoon Shingeki no Kyojin, commonly referred to as Attack on Titan by international audiences, has teamed up with Subaru for a new commercial.

The series' first live-action film will debut in 2015. According to Nerdist, the commercial is a joint effort between Subaru and the Attack on Titan team to showcase the new Forester and what the live-action film will look like when it opens next year.

Attack on Titan is series that focuses on a young man, Eren Yeager, whose mission in life is to defeat the titans, monstrous creatures who reach 15 meters in height. The titans appeared on Earth 107 years before the beginning of the series. The origin of the titans or their purpose is unknown, but what is known is that they consume humans and destroy everything in their path.

According to Anime News Networks, YĆ«suke Watanabe, the creative mind behind several films, including Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods and 20th Century Boys, will be penning the script.

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