Baby delivered after mother gets killed by snowplow

By Ian O'Brien,

A pregnant woman loaded groceries into the trunk of her car before a mini-snowplow struck her to death. Her baby boy was successfully delivered through an emergency cesarean section operation though.

Min Lin, 36, was from New York, and she was killed when a vehicle with a snowplow attached to it backed into the back of the Fei Long Shopping Center's parking lot. This shopping center is located in Brooklyn, according to The Associated Press.

Lin was pronounced dead at the scene, and her baby was in critical condition. Lin was rushed to a nearby hospital where the baby was delivered in less than a minute. According to CNN, the baby weighed six pounds and six ounces.

The driver of the mini-snowplow was a 42-year-old man who was clearing 9.5 inches of snow. He stayed at the scene after he struck Lin. He was questioned by the police, but he has not been charged for the incident. It is believed to be an accident.



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