Barbara Walters makes shocking remark to Elizabeth Vargas on 'The View' [VIDEO]

By Shaunice Conyers,

Barbara Walters got into trouble this past week after making a rude comment to 20/20 anchor Elizabeth Vargas on Thursday's episode of The View.

According to Page Six, Vargas made an appearance on The View to talk about her recovery from her alcohol addiction and she explained how she kept her struggle a secret from her ABC colleagues. Walters remarked that all of their fellow ABC colleagues had known all along. Vargas appeared to be in shock by Walters' comment and took it as an insult. The higher ups at ABC were not amused and felt that Walters was out of line. Walters has since called Vargas to apologize and Vargas has accepted the apology.

Examiner reports that Vargas confessed last month that she was an alcoholic and last November she went to rehab to get treated for her long-time drinking addiction. Vargas states how her alcoholism stemmed from her longtime anxiety issues. She had severe panic attacks when she was young due to spending a lot of time alone because her father was away serving in the Vietnam War, while her mother left home every day to go to work. Vargas added how the anxiety and panic attacks continued when she became an adult, and to cope with it she started drinking.

Watch the discussion here:

Photo Credit: ABC/Jeff Neira



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