'Being Human' (US) Recap: 'Pack It Up, Pack It In'

By Drew Barile,

This week's episode of Being Human picked right up with the bombshell Aidan dropped on Kat. After a montage of Kat crying and Aidan trying to explain, she told him to leave, and didn't say when to return. Aidan proceeding to sulk around the city, until he was confronted by Kenny who told him it was time to go to the second stage of break up, drowning his feelings. 
Josh and Nora decided to visit their new friends Andrew, Caroline, and their new daughter April. Nora says she will throw Caroline a baby shower at their house. When the day comes, after much stressful planning, Josh’s sister Emily shows up from rehab. The party is small, with just the six of them, but then another were-wolf fiend of Andrew’s, Mark, shows up with lots of other people. Mark and Josh didn’t get off on the right foot, but they tolerated each other. The party was going good, but then Mark began to give a speech about sticking together and taking down the vampires. Just as he was getting everyone riled up, Aidan and Kenny showed up drunk off blood. Josh quickly cooled the situation, and everyone realized they were just harmless drunk vampires.
Meanwhile, Sally continued to screw things up this week. At the party Emily was struggling being around alcohol after leaving rehab. To help her, Sally decided to do a spell that would allow her to see her, so Sally could help her be strong and not drink again. This didn’t work, and sent Sally back to the 1920s. She saw Aidan and Henry leaving a speakeasy with two girls. The situation quickly turned bad, as Sally watched them kill the girls and drink their blood.  When she returned to the present, she could barely stand being in the same room as Aidan.
When Emily went back downstairs, Kenny went to talk to her, but his true distorted face was revealed, proving that Sally screwed up the spell. This caused her to scream, and Mark thought Kenny was attacking her.  He tried to say it was a misunderstanding, but then all out vampire on werewolf brawl broke out. Aidan and Kenny left, along with all the were-wolves who didn’t want to be with other wolves who lived with vampires.
The show wrapped up with Aidan watching Kat’s window, Kenny meeting a were-wolf girl, and Josh and Nora going to change with the whole group.



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