Best moments from episode 10 of 'The Walking Dead,' season 4, 'Inmates'

By Amanda Levine,

Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead allowed viewers to find out what happened to a majority of the cast and characters from the show ever since the mid-season finale in December. The previous week, the episode mainly focused on main characters Rick, Carl, and Michonne. This week, beloved characters such as Glenn, Maggie, and Daryl were all brought back, although they were separated.

New characters were introduced as well and avid comic book readers will surely recognize the new faces. The episode really gave viewers a good sense of what is to come in future episodes of the show and how the characters all find one another and come back together to form a group. Here are some of the best moments from Sunday night’s episode, “Inmates.”

Baby Judith Rescued

One of the bigger questions once the mid-season finale ended, and even during last week’s episode, was if baby Judith survived after the prison fell. It didn’t look promising for her since she is a helpless child and most of the adults were quite distracted during the attack.

One of the first moments of the most recent episode revealed that Tyreese rescued two young girls, Lizzie and Mika, and also Judith, who was strapped to his chest in a baby carrier. It was a big sigh of relief once it was revealed that Judith lived, especially after last week’s episode when Carl was so distraught over losing his sister.

Fairly early on in season 4, well-loved character Carol had been banned from the prison by Rick and viewers hadn’t seen her for a majority of the first half of the season. As a fan-favorite, it was exciting to see such a memorable character return to the story line.

The way in which she comes back is pretty awesome as well. Young Lizzie and Mika have been surviving with Tyreese and baby Judith. During an intense scene, Tyreese hears screaming off in the distance and needs to go see if he can save whoever is screaming. He tells the young girls to stay where they are and to watch over Judith until he gets back. He reluctantly leaves, much to the young girls’ dismay. While the girls are waiting, zombies begin to approach them and Tyreese can’t run back to them in time because he is trying to save more survivors from a group of hungry zombies. He hears a gunshot from where the girls were posted and moments later turns around to see Carol with the girls and the baby walking towards him. All together it was an inspiring moment to see that Carol had saved the day and has come back into the story line.



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