Best moments from episode 12 of 'The Walking Dead,' season four,"Claimed"

By Amanda Levine,

So far the mid-season premiere of AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead, has been adrenaline pumping and zombie-filled. In the eleventh episode of season four, ‘Claimed,’ the story line jumps back to Carl, Rick and Michonne’s group as well as picks up where last week’s episode left off when Glenn and Tara are rescued by the newly introduced character, Abraham Ford.

With all of the characters in separate locations, many different story lines have been starting due to the displacement of the group. It is interesting to see the dynamics and interactions of the characters when they are in tinier, more close-knit groups. This makes for interesting and revealing moments each episode so far during the second half of season four. Here are the best moments from last night’s episode of The Walking Dead ‘Claimed.’

Image courtesy of AMC

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