Bethenny Frankel responds to talk show cancellation with open letter to fans

By Daniel S Levine,

Over a week after it was announced that her syndicated talk show was being cancelled, Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel responded with an open letter to her fans.

In the letter, Frankel said she was responding to the calls from her fans about how she felt about the news. She said that her favorite part of Bethenny was connecting with her fans and women. In addition, she built a strong rapport with her crew and it was sad to let them know that they will not be returning next season.

“Even more amazing is how professional they are and how despite the cancellation, every day they come in wanting to produce the best shows they can,” Frankel wrote. “I have heard horror stories about the end of a show run where the staff checks out completely. They take pride in this work and this show and they are finishing as strong as we started. That is inspiring to me.”

Frankel gave a rare in-depth look at the makings of a talk show in her letter, revealing that there were parts of the process she didn’t enjoy. “In addition, I tend to be quite inappropriate which may not be suitable for daytime television or for the suits that run network television nationwide,” Frankel added, acknowledging that she didn’t have the freedom she had on RHONY home Bravo. Still, it “was fun, exciting, scary and a great challenge.”

In conclusion, Frankel said she is relieved. “What I really want right now is to be with my daughter, to do yoga, to focus on Skinnygirl and my writing, and to give myself a break,” she wrote.

Frankel’s show was cancelled on Feb. 14 after low ratings. The show was produced by Telepictures.

image courtesy of NBC



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