Beyonce's album sales increase just in time for Valentine's Day

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Beyonce saw an increase in album sales for her album, Beyonce, over Valentine's Day. This was the largest sales week of the year and the biggest since Beyonce released her self-titled album.

The album rose on the charts from the seventh spot to the fourth and sold around 48,000 copies, which was a 26 percent sales increase in the wake of Valentine's Day weekend, Billboard added.

Taking the top spot this week on the album charts was country rock 'n' roll musician Eric Church with the album The Outsiders. This album marks the fourth studio album from Church and his second number one on the chart. He first topped the charts with his record, Chief.

Beyonce recently shocked audiences again with her performance at 2014 Brit Awards. The singer debuted her single "XO." Even though her dress was stunning and covered in jewels, only Beyonce took the stage during that performance and her voice was the star. She left audiences with another memorable and unique performance, E! News reported.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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