The Big Bang Theory Recap: 'The Table Polarization'

By Marissa Pessolano,

On this weeks The Big Bang Theory, “The Table Polarization,” Bernadette suggests that Leonard and Sheldon should get a dining room table, after seeing that there isn’t much room for everyone to sit around the coffee table and eat. Sheldon is against the idea.

Sheldon decides he is going to start using the desk that is in the spot Leonard wants to put the new table. Leonard argues with him, saying he doesn’t need anything that is in that space and it is going in storage.

Howard and Raj play with Howard’s new wand TV remote when Howard gets a call from NASA asking him to go back up to the Space Station.

Leonard and Penny go table shopping together. Penny points out a table and Leonard tells her that they cannot get that one because Sheldon does not like reclaimed wood because he is afraid the original owners will come back. Penny tells Leonard that he needs to stop letting Sheldon boss him around. Leonard agrees and decides on a table he likes, with a little help from Penny.

When Bernadette comes home, Howard tells her that NASA wants him to go back into space. Bernadette is surprised especially since last time all he did was complain and wish it were over.

Leonard and Penny set up the new table, and Sheldon, of course, does not like it. He asks when it will be gotten rid of and brings up the roommate agreement. He says that any decision needs to be approved by the furniture committee, which is him. Sheldon goes on to blame Penny for this, saying that he molded Leonard and she reshaped him with her “newfangled ideas and fancy genitals.” Penny argues that she did not change Leonard and that is just what happens in relationships. She points out how much Amy has changed Sheldon, saying that before her he would never even touch another person. Sheldon realizes that it does seem that Amy altered his personality, and he does not like it. He grabs his bag and says he has to go break up with Amy because he doesn’t want to be more “affectionate and open-minded.”

Sheldon shows up at Amy’s apartment saying they need to break up and asks her to sign an agreement on his iPad. Amy is very accepting of the idea and takes the iPad to sign. Sheldon says he is surprised Amy is taking it so well, and Amy in return says that it isn’t about her, it is Leonard just trying to take the attention off the dining room table and he is just manipulating Sheldon like he always does. Sheldon stops Amy from signing the agreement so they can discuss this notion. Amy pretends to think that the table is an awful idea. Sheldon likes the fact that Amy was going to stand behind him with the dining room table, but then realizes that maybe Amy is the one manipulating him. She points out if she was he would be smart enough to notice. They go back and forth and Sheldon agrees that he isn’t being manipulated by her.

Bernadette talks to Raj about Howard going back to space. She asks him if she is a horrible wife for thinking he shouldn’t go back since he disliked it the first time. Raj says he forgot about how miserable he was when he was up there. Bernadette asks Raj to talk to him for her, but he doesn't want to, thinking Bernadette should do it.

Sheldon and Amy both show up at the apartment and Sheldon calls out Leonard for trying to manipulate him. Leonard tells Sheldon that his favorite spot came about when he bought a new couch, so he asked why was that purchase good, but the dining room table bad. Amy coaxes Sheldon to say that he doesn’t have to explain himself, and then tries to get him to say that he will move in with her. This makes Sheldon agree to keep the dining room table because they don’t use that space.

Howard walks into his apartment and sees Bernadette, her father, Raj, and his buddy from the Space Station that called him “Fruit Loops” on the computer. He tells Howard that he shouldn't go back because he was scared and miserable the whole time and the rest of the group agrees. They bring up some examples to prove their point and try to get him to stay. Howard claims he is different this time and wants to do it. Then his buddy mentions he would have to go through survival training again. We then see Howard getting checked by a doctor, begging him to get him out of this. The doctor says he is healthy and his blood pressure is fine, so Howard calls his mother and has the doctor take it again while she is yelling at him. This makes it go off the charts.

The gang is sitting at the dining room table eating. Howard tells them that he can't go back into space because of his blood pressure. They point out that perhaps he can lower it since he wouldn’t be going into space for a year. Howard dismisses this, yelling that his blood pressure is high and it is not safe.

Bernadette thinks it is sad that Sheldon and Amy are sitting on the couch by themselves and the group is separated. Penny agrees with her and they all gravitate back towards the couch. Raj is reluctant at first, since he does not like that he is always the one that has to sit on the floor. He ultimately does agree to join them.

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