'The Big Bang Theory' would move during CBS' Thursday NFL broadcasts

By Kyle Johnson,

CBS managed to snag the rights to air some NFL football games on Thursday nights and the network noted that its most popular show, The Big Bang Theory, would move nights during the early part of the season.

Network head Les Moonves revealed the news while talking with analysts about fourth quarter earnings, reports Deadline. "We're not going to wait until November."

He added that both it and Elementary would "be on some other night." The CEO said that the Thursday night games won't screw with CBS' schedule or viewing audience too much, but will instead offer the opportunity to "tighten up" the schedule.

Moonves then remarked that "There are still a lot of women who watch [football]." He added, "The male-female balance is not something we're in the slightest concerned about."

As previously reported, CBS managed to win the rights to air eight football games during the NFL season, with the NFL Network airing the same games and the other eight games.

The Big Four networks were all interested in snagging the rights, but CBS both outbid and offered a better chance for a quality product on Thursday nights than ABC, Fox or NBC.

image courtesy of CBS



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