'The Biggest Loser' may 'tweak' future programing

By Alesandria Posada,

Producers of The Biggest Loser have announced they are considering making small changes to the series’ production following the controversy regarding winner Rachel Frederickson’s 155-pound weight loss.

According to Hollywood Take, these “small but significant tweaks” will include more support and check-ins after shooting the last episode of the season, sources said.

While the program change may be an effect of Frederickson’s rapid weight loss after leaving the show, many contestants gained weight. Producers hope by giving more support to contestants, it will help him or her adjust and maintain or continue to lose weight in a healthy manner.

“There might be more focus on what happens to the winner after they are supposedly done with the show,” reports one source from The Biggest Loser, according to E! News.

Despite concern over the 5’4” winner’s methods to how she dropped to 105 pounds, NBC does point out before each aired episode that how each contestant loses weight is not for everyone.

image: NBC



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