Bob Costas to return Monday for NBC Olympic coverage

By Marie Blake,

After suffering from a serious eye infection, Bob Costas is set to return Monday for NBC's primetime Olympic coverage.

USA Today reports that NBC has confirmed that Costas will return to primetime Sochi Olympic coverage on Monday night.

Costas was absent for six days with an eye infection that restricted his vision.

According to the Associated Press, Matt Lauer will replace Costas on Sunday for the last time, with Costas returning on Monday.

On opening night of the Olympics, Costas donned an eye that was swollen and red. After that, the infection spread to both eyes. Lauer and Meredith Vieira took over for Costas, marking the first time that Costas did not host Olympic coverage since 1998, as well as marking Vieira as the first woman to host Olympic Coverage on her own.

Lauer clocked in double hours, hosting both the Today show as well as the primetime Olympic coverage, appearing on NBC for over 30 hours at one point. Vieira took over after him.

Many people took to Twitter and made Costas' eye into a trending topic.

Image: NBC



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