Bob Dylan takes role in two Super Bowl ads

By Holly R. Bogardus,

Bob Dylan appears in two Super Bowl ads this year, endorsing both yogurt and automobiles. However, this success is open for debate.

Fox News reports Chobani yogurt announced beforehand they would be featuring Bob Dylan and his famous “I want you” in their commercial to be aired during the Super Bowl.

But that’s not all. Songwriter icon Dylan turned into a car salesman as well with his spot in a Chrysler ad for the Chrysler 200. Chrysler had leaked little information about the ad before the game, causing a lot of Internet buzz as to what Dylan song they were panning on using. However, while Dylan was the draw to the commercial, they decided not to focus on his music. Instead Chrysler created a visually striking ad narrated by Dylan himself, who doesn’t appear in sight until 47 seconds into the commercial. “What’s more American than America?” asks Dylan. “Let Germany brew your beer, let Switzerland build your watch, let Asia assemble your phone, we will build your car.”

The commercial has been met with both praise and criticism. Many feel that Dylan has sold out, while others wonder why an Italian company tried to boast an ad on American patriotism.

Fan and viewer discomfort is the least of Chrysler’s problems with the commercial, however. The ad ran at the end of the third quarter, a time when hype is at its highest and viewers are on their toes to see the conclusion of the game. That is, if it were any game other than this one. Unfortunately for Chrysler, this game was called long before the end of the fourth quarter, and many watching had already given up on the game.

According to Forbes, the ad spot cost Chrysler about $16 million, and while the full financial impact will remain unknown until the final ratings are in, the outlook is bleak.

Dylan will be the most recent of celebrities featured in Chrysler’s Super Bowl ads, following such other talents as Berry Gordy, Eminem, and Clint Eastwood.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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