Bob Dylan turns pitchman for Chrysler and Chobani during Super Bowl

By Daniel S Levine,

Bob Dylan isn’t exactly someone you’d consider a commercial artist, but the legendary rock star was heard in two Super Bowl commercials last night and seen in one of them.

In the first, Greek yogurt company Chobani used his 1966 hit “I Want You” in the background of its commercial. “Ransacked” featured a yogurt-loving bear destroying a country store when all he wanted was some yogurt. The commercial also featured Homeland star Mandy Patinkin as the narrator at the end.

We also learn that even bears are interested by tabloid headlines.

Later, Fox showed the full-length, two-minute Chrysler advertisement that Dylan narrated and appeared in. Billboard reported that he would appear in the commercial last week, so it wasn’t a complete surprise.

As one of the America’s best songwriters and a fan of American music, Dylan spoke about how great American cars are. “Is there anything more American than America?” Dylan asks. He then says that you can let Germany brew your beer and let China make your smartphone, but “We will build your car.”

The song featured in the background was Dylan’s Oscar-winning track, “Things Have Changed.” It’s also nice to know that his speaking voice is a bit more understandable than his singing voice is these days.

image: screenshot



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