Boston federal judge sets trial date for alleged Boston Marathon bomber

By Elizabeth Learned,

Nearly 10 months after two explosions rocked the Boston Marathon and led to the deaths of three spectators, the shooting death of a police officer, a citywide manhunt and the death of one bomber, a federal judge has declared the trial date for the alleged surviving bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnev.

According to Boston, Judge George O’Toole appointed the date of the trial for Nov. 3. There will be a hearing date in June so the prosecution and defense can discuss whether there will be a venue change.

Tsarnev is charged with planting two bombs during the Boston Marathon on April 15 of last year. The explosions tore through the crowd, killing two young women and a child. Days later, as Tsarnev and his brother, Tamerlan, were fleeing, they killed an MIT police officer before Tamerlan was killed hours later.

Tsarnev was later discovered hiding in a Watertown resident’s boat.

According to ABC News, Marc Fucarile, one of the victims of the blasts who lost one leg and sustained hearing loss, was in the courtroom. In his mind, he felt the trial should have been set for a much earlier date.

“Why not? I think everybody should be on the same page. It’s pretty cut and dry with the evidence. Don’t waste everybody’s time,” Fucarile told ABC.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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