Boy writes heart-warming message in snow for mom

By Amanda Stewart,

Shari Hart, 48, diagnosed with leukemia, received a heart-warming message from her son via writing in the snow.

According to UPI, Hart said that she received a call from her 14-year-old son, Will, telling her to look out of the window of her room at Rush University Medical Center.

On the roof of the parking garage right across from Hart’s hospital room was written “HI MOM,” with a smiley face and, “GOD BLESS U.” According to CBS News, Hart was able to see her son, and his father waving and blowing kisses as they added the final three words to her beautiful message.

 “It was just a true blessing, but I realized soon it wasn’t just for me," she said. "You know, it was really everyone on this side of the building could see it. So it became a lot bigger, a lot quicker.”

Nurses and other hospital staff reported that the message was quite large, each letter about two car lengths in size. The message was visible from dozens of rooms at the hospital.

Jennifer Cranston, a nurse at the hospital said that others quickly became aware of the heartwarming message. "I think it just kind of warms the heart to see a child try to support their parent in such a lovely way," she said.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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