Brazilian neo-Nazis arrested in connection to murder of gay teen

By Victoria Greene,

Following the savage murder of a Brazilian teenager, Sao Paulo police have arrested a group of six neo-Nazis, who are between 16 and 23, for the crime. After being picked up, the six suspects quickly confessed that they had killed 18-year-old Bruno Borges de Oliveira.

According to LGBTQNation, Oliveira was on his way home from Frei Caneca Street shopping mall with friends when they were attacked by the group of thugs.

After stealing his phone and shoes, the neo-Nazis violently beat up Oliveira using whatever they had at hand, including a skateboard. His friends escaped and were able to alert authorities, which led to the capture of the group of apparent neo-Nazis.

“When we went back, he was already dead,” one friend, who remains unidentified, told G1 Globo.

Police have stated that the gang has been targeting LGBT people recently, carrying out a series of attacks against those leaving gay friendly areas and nightclubs. “They chose their victims for being gay,” Ruy Ferraz Fontes, police spokesman, told Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper. “They stole the victim’s belongings as part of a ritual of humiliation.”

On the night of Oliveira’s murder, at least three other people were attacked and mugged by the gang.

According to LGBTQNation authorities have released images of the attackers and expect more victims to come forward.

“If Brazil won’t protect its own LGBT citizens, how could we expect it to guarantee the safety of visitors to the World Cup Games and Olympics that are to be held here?” Sergio Viula, a journalist and LGBT rights activist, asked while speaking to LGBTQ Nation.

Photo courtesy of Facebook



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