Britney Spears and Lady Gaga plan on recording a song together

By Gina Masilotti,

Britney Spears and Lady Gaga are two of the biggest pop diva stars of our time. The two have had hit singles on their own and are finally talking about making all their fans dreams come true by recording a song together. Spears' fans and Gaga’s little monsters just won’t be able to contain themselves with these two superstars coming together.

While Gaga has written some songs for Spears, the two have never actually paired up to write or record one together. This past weekend, Gaga attended Spears' Piece of Me show in Las Vegas, which has been a huge hit among fans and other celebrities.

Gaga tweeted “On my way to #BritneyBitch in #ARTPOPStyle long blond hair, androgynous wear” with a picture of herself getting ready. Spears responded, “@ladygaga Come hang before the show starts. Can’t wait to see you :)”

It seems when these two hung out back stage, that’s when the magic happened. A source told Us Weekly that “It’ll happen soon,” when speaking of the two getting together to record a song.

Gaga put a picture of the two up on her Little Monsters site after the show with the caption, “She looked so gorgeous, the show was so much fun, and her dad gave us THE BEST BBQ. It was a #MonsterParty!”

During a December online Q&A with fans, Spears said, “I would do a duet with Lady Gaga. I think that would be a lot of fun. I think she’s very different and interesting and intricate, and I like her as an artist.”

Gaga replied to this by tweeting at Spears, “Let’s do this b*tch, it’s time.”

At the show, during Spears' song "Till the World Ends," Gaga threw her a rose onto the stage to which Spears blew her a kiss right back, an eyewitness told Us Weekly. The two are close and definitely looking forward to collaboration just as much as their fans are. Hopefully this will happen as soon as possible!

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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