California school apologizes for Black History lunch menu (Video)

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
Black History Month lunch menu causes an uproar

Black History is a topic widely celebrated throughout the month of February. High school students from Northern California decided to celebrate, by featuring a special lunch menu pertaining to the holiday — only to anger many people.

The Black Student Union planned the meal with good intentions but instead it went awry. The menu included watermelon, cornbread and fried chicken.

The initial thought was that it would be clever, but instead it came off offensive and naïve, to students and parents alike.

Interim President Sister Ann Bernard of Carondelet High School in Concord, Calif. made a public apology on Thursday, for the shocking lunch menu that was apparently planned without her approval, according to the Associated Press.

A letter was then sent out to all parents, apologizing for the mishap and explaining that the California high school will never support racial stereotypes.

"I guess there's an impression that all black people eat this kind of food, which of course is false," chief curator at Oakland’s African-American Museum and Library, Rick Moss said, according to KTVU-TV.

The school and surrounding areas are using this as a learning experience. The students did not have malicious intent, but instead displayed an act of ignorance about what Black History Month truly is all about.



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