Canadian ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir upset coach helped U.S. rivals Meryl Davis and Charlie White win gold

By Michelle Kapusta,

In what seems like just a case of sour grapes, the Canadian ice dancing team is upset that their coach also helped the U.S. ice dancers win a gold medal.

As The New York Times noted, Canada’s Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir lost to their American skating rivals Meryl Davis and Charlie White by an overall score of 195.52 to 190.99 and now the silver medalist are crying foul.

Virtue and Moir train at the same facility in Michigan and share Marina Zoueva, the same coach as Davis and White. Zoueva also coached both teams four years ago in Vancouver when the medals were reversed and the Canadians had the gold and the U.S. had the silver.

Now, according to ESPN, Virtue and Moir spoke for hours on Tuesday and questioned their coach’s split allegiance.

"We sometimes felt like (Zoueva) wasn't in our corner," Moir said. "We had some odd things happen this year. We expected Marina to be on our team and work with us like in Vancouver."

It seems odd that the Canadians brought this up after losing the gold medal to the Americans rather than at any other point during the competition or while they were training. It also seems like an excuse for not finishing first. The Canadians previously told Zoueva they would not be happy with a silver medal and that was written all over their faces on the podium.

Throughout the ice dancing competition, Zoueva was seen switching team jackets and benches and not showing any favoritism when her teams were given their scores.

The Canadians just need to accept the fact that they were better in Vancouver, but Davis and White were better in Sochi.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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