Canadian man Dylan Benson mourns death of his wife while welcoming a baby boy

By Rebecca Walezak,

A man found himself in the ultimate contrast of emotions as he both mourns the loss of his wife and welcomes a new baby boy into his life.

Dylan Benson, 32, found the troubled situation just last year when his then pregnant wife Robyn suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. The unexpected incident left her brain dead, but she was still 22 weeks pregnant.

Yahoo reports that Benson kept his wife on life support, hoping that the baby would still survive. Six weeks went by before doctors decided that the baby had to be delivered.

At 28 weeks, Iver Cohen Benson was born. Iver wasn’t even three pounds the first time Benson held him.

According to The Province, Iver will stay at Victoria General Hospital until his body has developed a bit more.

“It will certainly be a bumpy road ahead, as it is with any premature baby,” Benson said. “Only time will tell when I will get to come home with him.”

To help care for his son, Benson created the Baby Iver Fund, which already has $185,825 donated to it. Benson states that he will use the money to help raise his son.



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