Carbon Monoxide leak at Long Island's Walt Whitman Mall

By Holly R. Bogardus,

A leak at the Legal Sea Foods restaurant, located at the Walt Whitman shops in Huntington Station on Long Island, left one person dead and many others hospitalized.

Steven Nelson was the manager of the Legal Sea Foods restaurant who was killed by the odorless gas, reports CBS New York.

Emergency personnel were contacted when a woman fell and hit her head. This was most likely due to the carbon monoxide levels in the building.

While the woman will ultimately be okay, she is among 28 others who were rushed to the hospital, according to ABC News. While one patient is still in urgent care, all are expected to make full recoveries.

The people who were hospitalized included three police officers and one ambulance worker, all of whom had reported to the scene. The leak is thought to have come from the basement of the Panera Bread shop, most likely due to a faulty heating system, CBS New York reported. Both the Panera Bread shop and neighboring Cheesecake Factory were evacuated during the incident.



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