‘The Carrie Diaries’ Recap: Season finale

By Lena Finkel,

The Carrie Diaries had a second season and a second chance to prove itself, and yet, the whole season just felt underwhelming. Despite a few funny moments throughout the season, the last episode was especially gag-worthy and completely fell flat.

The episode began with the crew's graduation from high school — a rather important moment that the show breezed over. But the characters never really seemed like they were in high school anyway, so why highlight their commencement?

Now the cast is ready to spread their wings and fly: Carrie to her new job at Interview, Mouse to Harvard and Maggie to community college. But when Larissa gives a horrendous interview to one of the local papers, she gets the boot from Interview, and so does Carrie. Guess she should have listened to her dad after all…

But when Carrie returns to her fancy New York loft, Sebastian has some rather big news himself. He sits her down like she’s a 5-year-old child and tells her about his pending move to California. — Seriously, who in casting thought these two had romantic chemistry? — He asks her to come with him and she hesitantly agrees.

Over in Samantha’s world, her latest fling has developed some serious feelings for her. Too bad he’s married! But after some persistent (and creepy) stalking, he wears her down and the two get it on. But once is clearly not enough for him, and it’s not long before he leaves his wife for her! Yea, that’s not dramatic or anything.

And while Samantha is getting a new beau, Maggie is afraid of losing hers. After finding another girl’s phone number in Pete’s coat pocket, she starts to suspect the worst. But when she finally confronts him, he admits that the girl was actually a jeweler and that he intended to propose. Being the lost soul she is, Maggie says yes immediately, without a second thought to her future.

Meanwhile, Carrie is seeking advice from her ex-boyfriend Weever (because his advice for her to ditch college for the job at Interview turned out so well). He tells her to follow her heart or something like that, but she's still unsure about her big move to California.

But for now, everyone will just have to take a break from their dilemmas because it’s time for Larissa’s wedding! After the ceremony, Carrie suddenly realizes she’s not done with New York, and New York is certainly not done with her. She finally speaks with Sebastian and the two break up in one of the cheesiest moments to ever occur on TV. If the writers were aiming for romantic on this one, they missed the mark by a long shot. After Carrie makes her decision, the rest is cake — she finally makes up with her father, decides to move to NYC on a waitress salary, and all is right with the world.

The CW has yet to renew The Carrie Diaries for a third season, and if this episode was any indication, it doesn’t deserve one. I wouldn’t be surprised if Austin Butler (Sebastian) asked to leave the show in order to jump ship, and I certainly wouldn’t blame him. Who wants to be tied to a clunker?

Would you watch another season of The Carrie Diaries?

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