Castaway claims he was lost at sea for 13 months (video)

By Joy Perrone,

A mysterious man is claiming to have been floating in the Pacific Ocean for 13 months.

Jose Ivan Alvarengo, 37, claims he was on a one-day fishing trip off the coast of Mexico with his 15-year old fishing partner when the motor of their boat malfunctioned, reports The Telegraph. Alvarengo's fishing partner died four months after the boat drifted into the Pacific. He has not said what he did with the body.

Alvarengo told The Telegraph, "I didn’t know the hour, nor the day, nor the date,” he said. “I only knew the sun and the night… I never saw land. Pure ocean, pure ocean. It was very placid – only two days with big waves.” He also noted that he survived by eating birds and fish.

CNN reports that Alvarengo floated into a section of coral reefs in the Marshall Islands. U.S. ambassador Tom Armbruster told CNN that Alvarengo is recovering in a local hospital and that, "He's in much better shape than one would expect after such an ordeal."

If what Alvarengo is saying is true, he would have traveled nearly 5,000 miles in his 13 month ordeal.



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