Castaway from El Salvador extends hospital stay

By Rebecca Walezak,

The Salvadoran castaway who was lost at sea for 13 months has had his hospital stay extended until at least Monday.

The doctors who have been treating Jose Salvador Alvarenga have stated that he is physically fine, but mentally unstable. Psychiatrist Angel Fredi Sermeno stated Thursday that Alvarenga has been dealing with post-traumatic stress and has been afraid of the sea since the incident.

“He doesn’t want to have anything to do with the sea,” Sermeno said. “He wants to avoid being in front of the sea as much as possible.”

According to AFP, a medical evaluation will take place on Monday to determine whether or not the once fisherman should remain at the hospital.

The Associated Press reports that Alvarenga traveled 6,500 miles during his 13 months at sea. He traveled across the Pacific Ocean after bad weather sent him into the unknown.

Since being back, Alvarenga has undergone much medical treatment, which is still continuing. His only requests have been to be with his family and to get some tortillas and a pupusa.



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