Cedarville woman arrested for murdering four and injuring two

By Rebecca Walezak,

A Cedarville woman has been arrested under suspicion of murdering four and injuring two.

According to CBS News, Cherie Lash Rhoades, a leader of the Indian tribe Cedarville Rancheria, was known as a bully in the area, but no one expected she was that violent.

“She bullied her way through life,” Sandra Parriott, a resident, said. “But I would never think she would start blowing people away in a meeting.”

The meeting, however, was to discuss whether or not Rhoades should be evicted from her home in the area. This is considered a serious punishment for American Indians.

Rhoades has not yet appeared in court, CBS News reports. Her family has had little to say on the matter, as three of the four that were killed were members of Rhoades' family.

According to ABC News, Rhoades will be facing murder and attempted murder charges. Police have not given any further information at this time.

Rhoades is currently being held at an undisclosed location.



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