Ceiling collapses at Chicago club during Datsik show

By Erica Albanese,

DJ Datsik is known for his heavy bass and funky beats that tear the house down…literally. On Saturday night during a show at a Chicago nightclub, a portion of the ceiling fell down and injured three people.

According to NBC Chicago, at about 2 a.m. at the Concord Music Hall in Logan Square, the ceiling began to shake. A section of the ceiling then collapsed and debris landed on three men in the crowd.

They were taken to the hospital and sustained minor injuries, reports the NY Daily News.

Producer and DJ, Datsik, took to Twitter to personally apologize to his fans. “Chicago I am sincerely sorry the roof collapsed tonight,” he wrote. “We had fun while it lasted and I promise we are coming back bigger and badder.”

Authorities don’t know what caused the ceiling to collapse, but the show was cancelled immediately after the incident.

"Datsik did have to cancel the show early, about only 15 minutes into his probably what would be a one-hour set originally," witness Ryan Chun told NBC.

The venue will be closed until the building is re-inspected and renovations are made.



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