Celebrities binge watch the return of 'House of Cards'

By Chelsea Lewis ,

This past weekend was the celebration of Valentine's Day and the return of Netflix's popular original series, House Of Cards. When it came down to eating chocolates or watching House of Cards, Cards took the day. Many celebrities even joined in on the binge watching, which is a term that refers to watching every eposide in a season over a short period of time.

Netflix has made binge watching popular by releasing all of the episodes available for instant streaming at one time. Fans of Cards rushed to watch everything in order to avoid spoilers.

Cards even got an endorsement from President Obama who put out a message on his Twitter account asking for no Cards spoilers, CNN reported.

Teen Wolf star Melissa Ponzio tweeted while watching the show over the weekend.

Musician Questlove, who is known for playing the drums on Jimmy Fallon's late night show, joined in on the binge watching of House of Cards.

Upon the release of the entire season two of Kevin Spacey's drama, viewership on Netflix increased 16 percent, CNN Money added.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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