Celebrity Tweets: Sunday, February 9, 2014--Olympics, Olympics, Olympics!

By Amanda Jo Scott,

This Sunday finds Celebrity Tweets a bit different than usual. Its entire focus is on the amazing moments happening in Sochi. These awe-inspiring athletes are celebrities in their own right. Their hard work, dedication, and gracious attitudes are deserving of so much greatness and respect.

Below are some of the top tweets from the past 24 hours from some of the greatest athletes of our time. The Olympics have just started and so many remarkable moments have already happened. What stands out most is their graciousness for all of the support they’ve had in their journey to the Olympics and the way in which they are all supporting one another as they each vie for their own medals. The spirit of the Olympic games definitely comes through in each and every one of their actions, including their tweets.

So far, it has been fascinating to watch. Good luck to everyone competing and thank you for all of your hard work and dedication in keeping a wonderful global tradition alive.

Before an amazing final team event performance, Jason Brown shared a bit of his morning with his followers.

Jamie Anderson graciously thanked and credited her amazing and supportive family, friends, community, and sponsors for her success.



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