Celtics grant little boy's wish to see a live game

By Rebecca Walezak,

Louis Corbett’s only wish before losing his eyesight for good was to see a Boston Celtics game in person.

The 12-year-old boy from New Zealand, who suffers from a condition of the eye known as retinitis pigmentosa, has been progressively losing his sight due to the inherited condition. According to Yahoo, his family has been doing everything they can to make sure he can see as much as possible before he loses the ability to.

When Corbett told his family about his dream to see the live basketball game, they went into action. Family and friends started fundraising money to buy the tickets and started a Facebook page to spread the word.

“We want him to believe in himself and we want him to know that there are very generous people in this world,” Louis Corbett’s father, Tim, said.

The New Zealand Herald reports that when the co-owners of the Celtics, Wycliffe and Corrine Grousbeck, heard about the little boy, they were moved. They could relate, as the owners/couple have a blind son of their own.

The owners quickly contacted the family and offered them a free trip to the United States to see a game. The team has not announced which game Corbett will attend.



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