Chris Harrison reveals why bachelor Juan Pablo struggled with finding love

By Alesandria Posada,

Never have we seen one bachelor be rejected as much as Juan Pablo has. Fans of The Bachelor fell in love with the Venezuelan hottie, but host Chris Harrison speaks out on how hard it has been for the bachelor to find love.

After dumping one girl on her birthday, changing the rules, and giving controversial comments on having a gay bachelor, it’s not surprising to see fans left disenchanted with Pablo, according to E! News.

“From here on out, the goodbyes are brutal," Harrison said. “He cares deeply for all these women…there’s a lot more crying. He’s an emotional man. He wears his heart on his sleeve.”

Galavis, who helped the ABC series reach 8.4 million viewers during the premiere of season 18, according to Huffington Post, might be having a hard time because of his lack of censorship. Harrison also said having a daughter makes it difficult.

“You’re with this beautiful woman and you’re having an intimate date and you get into that moment… and quickly realize, ‘Oh crap, I have a daughter. I have a family. Everyone’s watching.’”

One thing we can take from the interview with Harrison? There will definitely be more surprises to come.

image: ABC



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