Chris Pratt opens up a little on 'Jurassic World'

By Kyle Johnson,

Parks and Recreation Chris Pratt opened up a little bit on the highly anticipated Jurassic World talking about his character and the story.

In an interview with MTV, Pratt said that the movie does provide an answer to why anyone would keep going to back to the islands. He said, "[director Colin Trevorrow] answers the question really well though the script."

Pratt added, "Colin did a great job of writing it and justifying it, in his own way having fun with. Anybody who goes in with that question will be really amused, the way I was, about how they answered it."

The actor also revealed that his character is a sort of a mix between Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm. "He's got a little of both. He's got a little bit of the Goldblum cynicism, but also the Sam Neill excitement and the wonder of the biology of it all."

It's not much, but does provide some insight into a movie still a long way off from release, as Jurassic World won't hit theaters until June 12, 2015.

Pratt confirmed his casting in the film in late January as he was promoting his first starring role in the animated film The Lego Movie, which hits theaters on Friday.

During his time talking with OMI Agency, Pratt sounded extremely excited to be involved in the film at all, saying "For me, Jurassic Park was really kind of my Star Wars." Noting how he saw the original film several times in theaters.

image: NBC



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