Cleveland Browns tried to trade for Jim Harbaugh (Reports)

By Kyle Johnson,

The Cleveland Browns reportedly tried to trade with the San Francisco 49ers for head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Multiple sources spoke Pro Football Talk that the two teams even came very close to making a deal. The Browns would have traded several draft picks to the 49ers for the coach.

The deal reportedly fell through after Harbaugh made it clear he wasn't interested in leaving the 49ers.

The Browns haven't said whether they tried to get Harbaugh, only saying that their head coach search had been exhaustive. They also drove home the point that the team is happy with the head coach they ended up with, Mike Pettine.

According to ESPN, a source with the 49ers talked with the NFL Network and denied the trade report, saying it was "ridiculous" and "completely false."

The Browns ended up hiring Pettine to be the head coach, but former Browns CEO Joe Banner did note earlier they had gone after a "mystery candidate."

Pro Football Talk notes that trade would have made the Brown's division interesting as, Harbaugh's brother, John, is the coach of the Baltimore Ravens.



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