Colin Farrell stars in ‘A Winter’s Tale’

By Marcina Zaccaria,

The motion picture premiere of Winter’s Tale, starring Colin Farrell, will open on Valentine’s Day.

Writer–director Akiva Goldsman explained that this project took a long time to develop. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Goldsman said, ”This movie is kind of an exercise in faith. I was trying to write it, and my wife passed away while I was writing the screenplay, and I didn't think I'd do much of anything after that. This became kind of a Hail Mary to the idea that there's a peacefulness behind random acts of love."

Winter's Tale is the directorial debut for Oscar-winning screenwriter Goldsman, who wrote and produced A Beautiful Mind and I Am Legend.

Farrell seems like a natural choice to play Peter Lake. In Winter’s Tale, Farrell plays a burglar who falls in love with an heiress who dies in his arms. But love appears to transcend time and death in this tale. According to the L.A. Times, Farrell is a romantic hero in the film.

The movie is firmly based on Mark Helprin’s lengthy novel. Farrell co-stars with Jessica Brown Findlay, Jennifer Connelly and Russell Crowe.

Winter’s Tale will be released by Warner Bros. on Feb. 14. See the trailer below:

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