College student's death declared a homicide

By Rebecca Walezak,

The coroner’s office has declared the death of a New York college student to be a homicide.

Chun “Michael” Deng, 19, was participating in an initiation activity last December for a fraternity at Baruch College when he suffered a fatal head injury. He was allegedly blindfolded by the Asian-American fraternity before being handed a 20-pound bag of sand and then tackled by various members of the group. The hazing caused the college freshman to fall over, hitting his head in the process, ABC News reports.

Many members of the fraternity tried to hide their annual ritual from the police, but after interrogation, they admitted it was taking place when Deng fell. About 30 members left the scene before police arrived. The members were suspended from the college after the incident.

According to Daily Mail, many of the fraternity members could now face murder charges. At this time, no charges have been made and police continue to search for every possible witness.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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