Colorado woman breastfed puppy to save its life

By Laura Hundemer,

A woman in Colorado Springs, Colorado breastfed a puppy in order to save his life. She rescued a homeless litter of Labrador mix puppies and when the runt of the litter would not eat, she resorted to breastfeeding.

“I just felt like he just had an hour left," the woman told KRDO. "That’s how weak he was, he wasn’t moving and I just did it.”

The unidentified woman said that the puppy would not take anything from a bottle, and she could not stand to just let him die. She was able to breastfeed the puppy because she recently weaned feedings with her fifteen-month-old baby.

According to Fox 31 Denver, the woman chose to keep her identity a secret because she feared people would ridicule her for what she did. She herself believed it was crazy, but felt it was the only thing that would save him.

The woman's family named the puppy Tubbs. He is now almost a week old and eating from a bottle.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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