Connecticut woman gets shot in the head and lives to tell the tale on Facebook

By Victoria Greene,

A Connecticut woman is lucky to be alive after being shot in her head and arm.

Thirty-year-old Candace Strickland of Hartford, Connecticut was shot in the head and arm Sunday evening and miraculously survived to tell the tale.

According to NBC Connecticut, Strickland was able to let her family and friends know via Facebook that she was alright and survived the ordeal.

“God was truly with me & by my side!!!! Please keep praying for me. I can’t stop cryingggg,” Strickland posted via the social media site.

Police believe the mother of twins was caught in the crossfire when shots were exchanged in a house on Adam’s street off Albany Avenue. It has been reported that Strickland lives near the area where the shooting occurred.

Despite being struck in the brain, Strickland is expected to make a full recovery and is currently stable.

According to The Associated Press, Strickland is being treated at St. Francis Hospital.



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