Couple charged after toddler calls 911 over a dozen times

By Michelle Kapusta,

A New York couple has been charged after the woman’s daughter dialed 911 with their cell phones over a dozen times.

According to Syracuse.com, Heaven Britton and James Hatcher were charged when Britton’s 2–year-old daughter called 911 15 times last month. Initially, investigators told the couple to hide their cell phones from the little girl, but the couple insisted that she kept finding them and making the phone calls.

The Associated Press notes that the child called throughout the month of January, even after police had spoken to the pair.

Authorities said the child’s frequent, non-emergency calls were tying up actual emergency lines.

"Our dispatchers are taxed as it is," said Officer Matthew Martin. "Having this many calls is a hindrance to them. We needed to follow through to have it stop."

The 23-year-old mother and her 33-year-old boyfriend were charged with obstructing governmental administration and issued appearance tickets.

A day after the charges were filed, the toddler called 911 three more times.



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