Craig Michael Wood, 45, will plead not guilty in the kidnapping and death of Hailey Owens

By Alicia Mayle,

Craig Michael Wood, 45, will be pleading not guilty in the kidnapping and death of 10-year-old Missouri girl, Hailey Owens.

Wood was held without bail on Friday after he was charged with murder, child abduction and armed criminal action when police arrested him after they found Owens’ body in a plastic storage bin in Wood’s basement. A smell of bleach was present.

According to Reuters, “pornographic images of young children” were found inside a 3-ring binder in Wood’s house, along with video cameras, DVDS, and VHS tapes.

The question of whether or not Wood should get a public defender was also raised after the authorities found evidence of Wood having a $1 million trust, according to KSDK.

Public defender Chris Hatley was assigned to the case, and responded to the question with, "While I appreciate Mr. Myers' concern for my client's rights, it's frankly none of his business.”

Owens was walking a few blocks from her home when a pick-up truck stopped near her. At first the 10-year-old ignored the driver, and then she turned to talk to him. Witnesses say that that was the moment when the driver snatched the girl, and took off. The truck was pursued on foot, and by car.



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