'The Crazy Ones' episode recap - 'Dead and Improved'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open on Simon, Zach and Andrew listening to an a Capella three-some recording a new jingle for Rice Krispies. Then, Sydney comes in. Simon tells her that they finished the track before the jingle writer, Conrad, even got there. Sydney then tells Simon and the others that Conrad died the previous night in his sleep and that his daughter, Melora, is waiting for Simon in his office.

Melora tells Simon that, "He died quick, which was a blessing for anyone that knew him, save for me, I'm wrought," though she looks perfectly composed. She goes on to say that his doctors think it was his heart, "which is ironic given the little mileage he put on it." Melora then asks Simon to do Conrad's eulogy "because you knew him the best." Simon tries to respectfully decline asking if her mother or one of her numerous stepmothers could do it. Melora replies, "No, they're all tickled that he's dead." Simon doesn't think Conrad would want him to do it since "the only nice thing he ever said about me was 'Simon Roberts is an untalented hack,'" but Melora tells Simon and Sydney that she only ever heard Conrad praise Simon's work. Melora then begs Simon to do the eulogy because she wants her father "to be celebrated for just one day." Then, Melora looks like she's going to cry so Simon, while imitating Marlon Brando from The Godfather agrees to do the eulogy.

Lauren, Zach and Andrew are watching the Charmin bear commercial with the company's exec. Mitchell. He then asks them what they see. When they fail to answer to his liking, Mitchell blurts out that the baby bear is missing from the commercial and he wants it to be pink. Mitchell then says that he wants to do a "a spot with no bears at all but with real human beings being people. "Sweet human being mother of softness, sexy people," Mitchell tells Lauren, Zach and Andrew.

Once they're alone, Andrew articulates what "a lunatic" Mitchell is then calls Simon to.join them. Andrew yells Simon what problems they're having with the Charmin account and Simon suggests they trade projects. Andrew agrees and Simon replies. "Great, you've got a dead masochistic jingle writer and you're doing his eulogy."

Andrew then tries to stop Simon, who tells him that it will be a piece of cake and introduces him to Melora. She asks Simon if Andrew knew her father, to which Simon replies that he didn't. Melora then insists that only Simon can do her father's eulogy so he "can be celebrated, rebranded and beloved." Simon then says that he doesn't think that even he could pull.off "beloved."

Then, Melora replies, "I heard a rumor once that you even liked him a little," She then makes like she's going to cry again and Simon gives in. Melora then adds that she wants the funeral to "be all pomp and circumstance and for it to be kick a** and by the time it's over for her father to be unrecognizable."

Then, Mitchell tells Andrew and Zach that he "wants in on the agency's funeral pitch because they're sick of getting their a** kicked by Kleenex. There is no reason why people can't be drying their eyes with Charmin."

Sydney and Simon tell Melora that the social media campaign around Conrad's death has really picked up. Melora is ecstatic. She then brings out old family photos, none of which have Conrad smiling. Then, Lauren comes in saying there is a problem with the Charmin account.

Mitchell is screaming at Andrew and Zach that children need to be stopping their frequent nosebleeds with Charmin not Kleenex. Then, Sydney interrupts and takes Andrew and Zach away for a second. Once they're alone, she tells them that the Charmin people just called to ask if Mitchell was acting odd since his wife just left him. Both of the guys tell her that he isn't acting strange at all. Nevertheless, she says that the Charmin people don't want him representing their company anymore so Sydney tells Andrew and Zach to "terminate the meeting." Neither of them want to get into a "confrontation" with Mitchell. So, Sydney tells Mitchell that his superiors want them to end the meeting because they feel he has become unstable since his wife just left him. With a piece of Charmin on his head, Mitchell insists that he's fine.

Simon and Lauren meet with focus group moderator, who said they loved the eulogy Simon wrote for Conrad but NOT Conrad himself. The moderator suggests a second source to.bolster Conrad's likability post-mortem. Simon suggests the Lay-Z-Boy voiceover guy, who is in the building and Simon tells Lauren to call him immediately. Sydney then comes in to tell Simon they have a problem with Mitchell.

Simon finds Mitchell naked. He tells Simon that he wants him to "remake me. I want to be noticed." Then, the Lay-Z-Boy voiceover guy arrived so Simon takes him into his office and tells Andrew to deal with the naked Mitchell. Mitchell tells Andrew that he "wants to be something I'm not." Andrew then tells Mitchell to "think of himself as Charmin and to embrace the act of 'enjoying the go'" Mitchell seems to respond.

Simon begs the Lay-Z-Boy voiceover guy to say a few kind words about Conrad "since whatever you say comes out like music." The Lay-Z-Boy voiceover guy demands $10,000 to do it. Simon then introduces him to Melora and says he'll only take cash. Melora Simon that she "doesn't care if the whole thing is a lie because I loved my father very much and for once I want his name to be associated with 'Wow!'"

Simon is practicing the eulogy as General Patton but is nervous. Sydney sees that he's nervous and asks him if he wants to talk. He says he does and they sit down together. He asks Sydney if naked Mitchell was right, that he's just a shell selling crap really well. "What is my legacy?" Sydney insists that he doesn't have to worry about his legacy "because you're awesome. Now, come on, we have a kick a** funeral to throw." Simon agrees.

Conrad's funeral is being held at a gospel church as a gospel choir is singing. Mitchell arrives and apologizes to Lauren if he is crashing but "there is something oddly affirming about you people." Melora tells Sydney that she's happy with the turnout. Then, the Lay-Z-Boy voiceover guy introduces Simon for his eulogy. He says that no one really knew Conrad except his daughter. "That's his legacy. To be beloved by the one person who knew you best. Wow. That's as good as it gets." The Lay-Z-Boy voiceover guy even starts to cry. Simon then joins the gospel choir in singing. Melora starts to cry and says to Sydney, "Now, that's 'Wow!'My father together with 'Wow'"

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