Creator of the saxophone honored in Belgium for 200th birthday

By Rebecca Walezak,

The creator of the saxophone was honored in Belgium on what would have been his 200th birthday.

Adolphe Sax, who largely changed the scope of jazz and blues music with the birth of this instrument, was given an exhibition in the Museum of Musical Instruments in Brussels. There, Sax is commemorated for his 79-year life and contributions to the musical world.

Sax patented the instrument in 1846, Yahoo reported. It later transitioned into multiple versions to affect the range of the instrument. The instrument was added to many orchestrated pieces in the 1880s.

According to PRI, the saxophone is somewhere between a clarinet and an ophicleide, which is an older brass instrument.

While the exhibition will mostly honor the saxophone, it will also honor other works created by Sax, with over 200 items on display.

President Clinton, a well-known lover and player of the instrument, visited Brussels in 1994; while there, he was given a tenor saxophone with the colors of the American flag which is on display.

The exhibition, called “Sax200,” will run in the museum until January of next year.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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