Daily Wrap of All Things for Feb 7: Daft Punk, 'Parks and Recreation,' Red Hot Chili Peppers, Will Ferrell

By Stephanie Cano,

Here's our daily wrap for Friday, February 7.

After a memorable Grammy performance and four major wins, Daft Punk has seen an increase in album sales. The album, Random Access Memories, has climbed all the way up to the top 10 spot on the Billboard dance charts. The album of the year winners are not the only ones to get lucky as other big winners like Lorde, Imagine Dragons and Bruno Mars have also seen an increase in sales.

The White House went into lockdown Friday after a man attempted to jump the fence. The man was holding two bags, which are currently being examined. The Secret Service was able to grab the man before he made it over the fence. There has not been a motive determined yet.

After losing two main characters, Ann and Chris, played by Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe, Parks and Recreation fans are hurt over a second loss. The lock that was placed on Paris’ Pont des Arts Neuf Bridge by main characters Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt. Not only are fans venting on Twitter, Series co-creator Michael Schur took to his own Twitter to express his disappointment.

Red Hot Chili Pepper’s drummer, Chad Smith has challenged Will Ferrell to a drum battle. After impersonating him in a video saying "The truth of the matter is there is no Will Ferrell. Only Chad Smith." Smith has challenged the Step Brothers star to a battle and even called out his skills saying, "I've seen your skills. You don't got 'em."



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