'Dallas' Season 3 premiere - 'The Return'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open on 12 hours after the last season ended. Bobby is at the Ewing family cemetery, talking to Miss Ellis and Jock about they "finally won. I'll try not to disappoint you," he says as he rides away.

Emma and John Ross are in bed together fooling around. They go through the briefcase of papers she stoked from her father's safe and find her grandmother's power of attorney over her father's trucking company should he become incapacitated. "Nothin' says incapacitated like a 20-year prison sentence," jokes John Ross, who tells Emma that he needs her to get him control of her father's transports. Then they have sex again.

Bum finds John Ross downstairs later. Bum tells him to be wary of Emma but John Ross replies, "Don't worry. I won't do anything to jeopardize the love of the good woman I have waiting for me at Southfork." Then, Bum gives John Ross a box he says JR wanted him to have. "You've earned this," Bum tells John Ross. It has JR's gold belt buckle in it.

That evening, Rebecca, who now wants to be called Pamela, meets John Ross at the old hay barn like he asked her to. She says she's expecting a big surprise. He gives her a huge diamond ring, which he says he got in Houston the day before. He tells her that he wants to "do things right. The proper ring means a proper proposal." He then gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. She accepts, he slips the ring on her finger and they kiss.

At the main house, Bobby finds John Ross with contractors and asks him if he is "remodeling Southfork?" John Ross replies, "Since we'll be living here, I thought the place could use a facelift." Bobby replies, "I won't let you turn Southfork into you or your father's self-indulgence." John Ross then says as a newlywed he wants more privacy. Bobby replies, "If you want privacy. Move out! This house's history is what grounds us as a family. It's our roots. It's about time you start respecting the past." John Ross fires back that the "past holds us back" and tells Bobby that he can't stop him from remodeling the place. He tells Bobby that he's going to talk to the contractor about putting in an elevator.

Christopher is furiously chopping wood while flashing back to yelling at Elena about how Cliff killed his unborn babies. He then hears Pamels reminding him how he has always loved Elena and to not let that go. He then picks up his cell phone.

Elena jolts awake courtesy of her buzzing cell phone. Christopher left her another message. She's in Mexico. She glad he back to Cliff telling her that JR switched the deeds so her father ended up with the worthless land, how he gave his proxy to the 1/3 of Barnes Global he still owned "to make the Ewings pay for the sins against your family." She then goes back to see Cliff in the prison. She tells him that she's accepting his offer to partner up.

Cliff then tells Elena that she's going to help him get out prison. She asks him why she should and he replies, "Because you want real pier over that family and for that you Ned leverage. Evidence that they framed me for JR's murder." He tells Elena how he was set up, how his plane was moved, how that woman said he was in that club when he wasn't, etc. "Together we can take back Barnes Global and Southfork. Take from them what's most important, what they took from us. But, I need to know if you have the strength to exact revenge," Cliff asks Elena. She details how the Ewings have wronged her then says that she "doesn't think if this as revenge. I think of this as justice."

Christopher sees a female ranch hand being hassled by one of John Ross' employees but she handles herself. Christopher introduces himself. She introduces herself as Helen. He tells her that she can come to for help if she's hassled again. She replies That she grew up with four brothers and knows how to handle herself but thanks him for the offer before she rides away. Christopher looks intrigued.

John Ross is wearing JR's gold belt buckle as he looks over the remodeling plans. Sue Ellen comes in. She's proud to see him wearing it and JR's watch. She says she's also proud of his choice of wife. She then tells him nit to underestimate Bobby. She tells him that JR did and lost. John Ross replies That JR didn't have her as an ally. Then, they hug and kiss.

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