David Attenborough narrates curling like a nature documentary (Video)

By Kyle Johnson,

Sir David Attenborough is known for narrating countless spectacular nature documentaries and he recently took his talents to Russia where he narrated a bit of curling.

According to HitFix, Attenborough teamed up with BBC's Radio 1 and created a mini-parody video of his nature documentary series, only this time focusing on the Winter Olympics.

He starts off noting, "Our planet, the Earth as we know it, is unique." He also dryly adds that the video was "filmed over the course of three afternoons."

Sydney Morning Herald reports that curling has become quite a spectacle worldwide because of the interesting strategy and styles used in the sport.

The site notes that people have also tuned in for the Winter Olympics curling events because of the attractiveness of the Russian women's team that is competing.

Throughout the short video, Attenborough narrates as if he was doing a nature documentary as he says such lines as, "here we have a pack of sliding curlers. Watch as the alpha female displays her dominance over the herd."

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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