David Fincher in early talks for Sony’s Steve Jobs film, would reteam him with Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin (Report)

By Daniel S Levine,

Director David Fincher has already tackled Mark Zuckerberg and he may be about to make another film about a giant in the tech world, the late Steve Jobs. The acclaimed director is reportedly in talks to helm Sony’s Jobs biopic, which is being written by The Social Network’s Aaron Sorkin.

The Hollywood Reporter reported this afternoon that Fincher is in very early talks with the studio. Deadline claims that he hasn’t had a meeting with Sony yet.

Fincher does have a packed schedule at the moment, having just wrapped filming on Fox’s adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. He will reteam with Flynn for an HBO adaptation of the British hit Utopia. On top of that, Fincher is also an executive producer on Netflix’s House of Cards.

Sony’s Jobs biopic is slated to be based on Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography, which was published after Jobs’ death in October 2011. Sorkin was tapped to write in May 2012 and later said it was like writing about The Beatles.

Sorkin, of course, won an Oscar for writing The Social Network. Scott Rudin, who also produced The Social Network, Mark Gordon and Guymon Casady are producing.

If Fincher does take this project, it would likely end any chance for him to helm the remaining features in the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy. His American adaptation of the first book did win an Oscar and made $200 million worldwide, but production stalled on the follow-ups.

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