Demi Lovato talks Jonas Brothers on ‘Chelsea Lately’ (Video)

By Amy Michura,

On Thursday, Demi Lovato sat down on E!’s television series Chelsea Lately, where she discussed her “Neon Lights” tour as well as the Jonas Brothers.

Recently it was announced that Nick Jonas was hired as Lovato’s musical and creative director for the “Neon Lights” tour.

Chelsea Handler asked Lovato whether or not she has previously dated one of the Jonas Brothers, notes E! News. Lovato confirmed that she did.

Handler was quick to ask, “Which one’s the cute one,” prompting her to decide one whether brother was the cutest. Lovato remained speechless for a moment before she replied her answer.

“They have a new niece,” Lovato said, mentioning Kevin Jonas’ daughter Alena Rose, “and she’s really, really cute.”

Handler joked that it was “great answer.” Lovato, who had previously dated Joe Jonas, was then asked how it feels to be working with an ex-boyfriend’s brother. People assume that there must be some awkwardness between the stars. However, Lovato doesn’t see it that way.

“We dated for like a month,” Lovato explained. “Everyone made it seem like it was this big, big deal.”

image courtesy of NBCUniversal



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