Detroit-based chef has created a meal based on Radiohead's 'Kid A'

By Brian Brown,

For one night only Detroit gourmandizers can listen to Radiohead's modern classic Kid A while they eat a dinner made specifically with the album in mind. Each of the 10 songs on the album will be paired with its own dish.

The chef, Kyle Hanley, who studied music before becoming a chef, said that he chose Radiohead for the textural nature of their music. "They are a very visceral band," he told Huffington Post. He also pointed to Kid A's completeness, saying "One song flows into the next, and we kind of want to do the same thing with the courses."

The menu, which Hanley posted on Facebook, includes lamb chops, maple sugar seared duck breast, and lemon sorbet. The beverage choices were made by Joseph Allerton based solely on the music and not the food.

The dinner will be at a pop-up restaurant on Wednesday, February 19. Thirty-six people will be admitted over three seatings, with advance tickets selling for $125.

Hanley and business partner Bill Keros are open to the idea of repeating the experiment with a different album each month, but are currently focusing on "A Night With Kid A."

image:Wikimedia Commons



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