Discovery Network sued for fatal helicopter accident

By Marie Blake,

The Discovery Network is being sued for a helicopter accident that killed a veteran while filming a reality television program.

The Wrap reports that Sonya Joubert is suing on behalf of her 15-year-old daughter, Sofia Donatelli, for the death of Sofia's father, Michael Donatelli.

According to TMZ, Donatelli, a 45-year-old Special Forces Veteran, was working on a military-themed reality series for Discovery, when he died in a helicopter crash last February.

According to the lawsuit that was filed Monday, Joubert is suing Discovery, as well as production companies Orbic Air, Eyeworks USA, and Crossbow Helicopters.

The suit claims that the production companies, as well as the pilot, failed to abort the flight plan given the bad weather, poor visibility of landing zone, and other conditions, as well as failed to maintain safe, proper, and adequate control over the helicopter, and therefore acted negligently.

The suit also claims that the helicopter was flown at low altitude over hilly terrain with low lighting and frost conditions when it crashed.

Donatelli, the helicopter pilot, and a cameraman died in the crash.

Discovery has not responded to requests for comment.



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