'Doonesbury' to enter hiatus as creator moves forward with 'Alpha House'

By Kevin Kryah,

Garry Trudeau will put his long running comic strip Doonesbury on hiatus in order to focus on his show Alpha House.

The show, starring John Goodman, has been renewed for a second season by Amazon Studios after the success of the first season, The Washington Post reported. The first season of the satiric comedy recently finished its first season, and all episodes are available to watch for Amazon Prime members on Amazon Instant Video.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Trudeau took a hiatus last June as well. While that hiatus lasted several months, Trudeau has not announced a return date.

“There's no way of knowing how many seasons of Alpha House lie ahead,” he said.

Before Alpha House was in the picture, Trudeau had been working on Doonesbury for 43 years. Trudeau also worked on television before, collaborating with acclaimed director Robert Altman on the miniseries Tanner ‘88 for HBO.

Trudeau said that he will produce new Doonesbury content, at least for now, to run on Sundays.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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